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Fatah official: There has been a “form of struggle" for each period, including “weapons,” "stones," and hunger strikes

Interview with Abbas Zaki, member of the Fatah Central Committee, on the PA TV program Palestine This Morning:
     Zaki: "Actually we started a process of organization and precise reconnaissance, in order to start the Fatah revolution, in January '65. From then until today, 48 years of rivers of blood, sweat and tears, we have [had] ups and downs, but the enemy feels, each day that it is regressing. Each period we use a different form of struggle: At one time [we struggle] with weapons, at another time – stones, another time – empty stomachs (i.e., hunger strikes), such that we will defeat this executioner in our battle. I believe that the memory, the love of Palestine and the geography of Palestine still lives in the mind of this tremendous nation. The children, of whom it was said that they would not know this land – they now know it better than the scholars and the adults, and they make sacrifices [for it]. The women carry out Martyrdom-seeking operations (i.e., suicide attacks), and utter sounds of joy over the Martyr, and sing to the groom (i.e., the Martyr who marries the 72 virgins in Paradise).This shows what a right that has claimants is, and that the Palestinian people is ready to sacrifice until this black day (Nakba day) is erased through its struggle… Day after day, Allah willing, the picture will become clearer. America is not our fate. It is true that there are 6 million Jews there. It is they who vote for the President and for the Congress, and who control it. Israelis control America through those votes. We have 15 million Arab and Muslim votes. Those living in America – if 5 million of them were to vote as a bloc, it could cancel the Jewish control of the administration and of the American Congress. When there will be an American leadership that believes in the principles of George Washington and does not adhere to the decisions of the extremists in Tel Aviv, perhaps the entire equation will change, and we can begin to live for our hopes, and to turn them into facts. They will live for their diseases and for their hatred, and they will die, with Allah's permission."

Note: According to Islamic belief, the Martyr (Shahid) becomes a groom upon his death and marries 72 Dark-Eyed Virgins in Paradise.