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EU-funded NGO for youth honors terrorist murderers on PA TV

PA TV program Jerusalem Scenes honors Palestinian terrorist prisoners serving multiple life sentences for planning suicide bombings that murdered many Israelis. The TV program is co-produced by PA TV and PYALARA, an NGO for youth funded by the EU, Save the Children and other international donors.
PA TV host: "More than 250 prisoners from Jerusalem are held in the occupation's prisons, most of them on a hunger strike. It is our duty to visit the families of some of the prisoners, to hear from them and to see how they encourage their children to continue in the path of their struggle against the Israeli occupation.
The first prisoner from Silwan, Jerusalem, whom we wish to visit is Wisam Al-Abbasi, who was given 26 life sentences and another 40 years. In other words, in total he is meant to serve 2,614 years in the occupation's prisons."
In the home of prisoner Wisam Al-Abbasi:
Host: "Hello, how are you?"
Mother: "I'm the mother of prisoner Wisam Al-Abbasi, who was given 26 life sentences and another 40 years. I am proud and pride myself on having a son in prison."
In the home of prisoner Muhammad Ouda:
Host: "We are visiting now the home of another prisoner from Jerusalem, Muhammad Ouda.Ouda has been imprisoned in the occupation's prisons for more than 10 years, and was sentenced to 9 life sentences and another 40 years."
In the home of prisoner Alaa Al-Din Al-Abbasi:
Wife: "He was sentenced to 60 years. We were told [he was one of] the four men of the Silwan cell."
Father-in-law: "I always remember Alaa - a person of exalted moral values."
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Note: Wisam Al-Abbasi, Muhammad Udeh and Alaa Al-Din Al-Abbasi were members of the "Silwan cell," which was responsible for terror attacks in 2002, including the Hebrew University cafeteria attack (9 killed), the Cafe Moment attack in Jerusalem (11 killed), and the attack at the Sheffield Club in Rishon LeZion (15 killed).

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