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Sports official: “Normalization does not exist in the Palestinian sports lexicon”

Headline: "Rajoub calls to remove Israel from international sports associations"
"Chairman of the Football Association and head of the Palestinian Olympic Committee, Jibril Rajoub, called to remove Israel from all world Olympic associations and committees if it continues to act stubbornly and not honor international agreements and conventions. In his speech yesterday… at a special conference on the subject of the state of Palestinian sports, held at the conclusion of the Forum of Arab Media … he emphasized that he is prepared to lead this move himself, but with the support and assistance of the Arab states. He emphasized that the term normalization does not exist in the Palestinian sports lexicon … and noted that the visit by Arab media and sportsmen to Palestine represents support and assistance, and is not considered normalization… He praised the decision of the political system to reconstruct national sports, such that it will be one of the means of resistance and will strengthen the resolve, in order to achieve the goals, in both strategic and tactical terms."