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Abbas emphasizes that the PA does not recognize Israel as a Jewish State

Headline: "In interview to Lebanese Al-Nahar – President [Abbas]: The exchange of ‎letters with Netanyahu has reached a dead-end, and is waiting for American action"‎
‎"The issue of the Jewish state is not our concern; rather, it is your concern, and we do ‎not accept this – that we should recognize something that is called the Jewish state, ‎because we have already recognized the State of Israel, since Oslo [Accords], since ‎the days of President Yasser Arafat and the late Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin; in ‎return, there was [Israeli] recognition of the PLO. Throughout that period the subject of ‎a Jewish Israel was not raised. Why was the subject not raised with Egypt or Jordan ‎during the negotiations for signing the peace agreements? Or even with Syria, during ‎the indirect negotiations, via Turkey? Why do you ask this of us? We will not accept it – ‎neither explicitly nor implicitly."‎

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