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PA TV broadcasts song calling for Palestinians to “stab… the chest of the thief (i.e., Israel),” honors terrorist prisoner, calling his attack a "heroic operation"

PA TV program For You shows the Graves of Martyrs (Shahids). PA TV chose to play the following song in the background:
"Our brother has returned;
Oh eye – do not spill tears for him.
He returned on the shoulders of his friends and people who love him.
The brother has returned;
Oh mother – make sounds of joy;
The blood of this Martyr is a debt that we must repay."

PA TV host (talking about her uncle, who is a prisoner): "I remember, at this time, 20 years ago, when we knew that at that very time, at those very moments, you were injured, and in a state of clinical death, as a result of the heroic operation that you carried out."
Brother of prisoner Muayyad Hijja: "His action, his struggle, and his imprisonment, represent our pride, and we are always proud of him"
Photograph of the terrorist is shown, with the inscription: "Leader who carried out the Eilat operation."
Photographs of prisoner Hijja. PA TV chose to play the following song in the background:
"Don't agree to the facts on the ground; don't forget the color of blood. Whoever dies while defending [the land] will be embraced by the arms of the land. Emerge from the cannons like the bullet of a revolution. Pay no heed: stab and burst the chest of the thief, like a falcon."

Note: In May 1992, a group of terrorists, including Muayyad Hijja, came from Jordan to Eilat to carry out a terrorist attack that killed one Israeli. Muayyad Hijja was captured and given two life sentences in prison.