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PA TV honors terrorists Khaled Nazzal and Omar Al-Qassem

PA TV program Palestine This Morning on the 23rd anniversary of the death of fighter Omar Al-Qassem. The program features a filler in the series "These Are Our Fathers" about Omar Al-Qassem. 
Guest: Qais Abd Al-Karim, deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front

During the conversation, PA TV host refers to Israel as "the Zionist enemy," and Abd Al-Karim calls Israel "the enemy."
     Qais Abd Al-Karim: "During this [current] period, there occur, at about the same time, the sad anniversaries of the Martyrdom deaths of three leaders and top fighters of the [Democratic] Front, among them the Martyr Khaled Nazzal… We stand in admiration before their pure souls, and draw inspiration from their path. We view them as a model for our fighters. They were at the top of the political and organizational leadership of the [Democratic] Front, but they were also at the heart of the struggle on the battlefield, which they led on the ground; not from offices or ivory towers, but in struggle alongside their sons, their brothers, and their fellow fighters. They died as Martyrs while raising their weapons against the occupation; while defending their people's rights. We welcome the anniversary [of their death] with great splendor, and we emphasize the example that they represent, and we call to all the fighters of the [Democratic] Front and to all of our people to draw inspiration from this example in every way, in the rallies and the gatherings that are held one after the other, with the aim of explaining their life stories and the lessons of their struggle and their path."

Note: Khaled Nazzal - Secretary of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and commander of its military branch. Was responsible for the terror attacks on Ma’alot and Beit Shean in 1974 and Jerusalem in 1984.
Omar Al-Qassem - Led a terror squad that crossed the Jordan River into Israel to carry out a terror attack in 1968. Caught by Israeli soldiers, the squad killed two soldiers. Al-Qassem was given two life sentences, and died in his prison cell 21 years later.