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PA daily compares Israel to an octopus with “burning fangs”

"One day, when a strong wind blew, an enemy like an octopus came to us and began putting its arms everywhere, without asking permission, while burning flames emerged from between its fangs. It entered our homes… uprooting our crops with its arms, and looking at them with the joy of arrogance and conceit… I screamed: 'I don't want it, I don't want to go. This is my place and this is my existence.' They cut off my limbs [and] threw me among the ruins, and I began to writhe with hunger, with deprivation, and with homelessness."
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Note: This passage was written by Saadia Muhammad A'amia, a teacher at the Al-Khas wal-Nu'man school, which falls under the PA Education Administration in Bethlehem.

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