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PA daily columnist: Israel and Syria compete over who can kill more innocents

Columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
Headline: “Competition to kill the innocent”
“The 44th anniversary of the Naksa (‘setback’ or ‘relapse’, i.e., the Six-Day War) of 1967 was marked yesterday in a number of areas. The front with the greatest pain and the highest number of Arab and Palestinian civilians killed was the Golan front, where approximately 25 Martyrs (Shahids) fell and more than 450 were wounded by bullets of the despicable Zionist terror army… However, anyone following the (current) revolution in proud Syria noticed two days ago, on the anniversary of holocaust-like Naksa of June [1967], that more Martyrs have been killed by the thugs of the Syrian regime than were killed by the Israeli occupation army forces on the Golan front – more than 38 [have been killed by Syria], mostly in the Idlib and Hamat regions, along with hundreds of injured. [Israeli and Syrian] political leaders and armed forces have been competing to see who could kill more innocent, unarmed people on these two fronts.”