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Daily Mail article calls for EU to cut funding of the PA, based on PMW documentation

James Slack  |
Now the EU is wasting your money on propaganda for suicide bombers. Slash its bloated budget NOW

by James Slack

MPs are urging David Cameron to use the latest emergency summit on the collapsing eurozone later this month to demand cuts to the grotesquely bloated EU budget.

The logic of the Fresh Start group of Eurosceptic MPs is that, with Europe needing our co-operation in their plans for a banking union, no opportunity should be wasted to get something in return.

They have in their sights the EU structural funds budget, designed to fund projects in deprived regions, which devoured £255billion between 2007 and 2013, or almost 30 per cent of the total EU budget.

By removing the funding from richer EU countries, reducing the budget by about 15 per cent overall, Britain alone would have saved £4.2 billion.

The Eurocrats, in turn, would have lost much of their power to fritter away our money on their own, deeply misguided vanity pet projects.

Hurrah to that.

Surely, however, there is an irresistible case not just for going after just one leg of the cash-devouring EU cow. An axe should be taken to the entire beast.

I’ve complained before about the £18million lavished on a 65,000 square feet visitor centre, called the 'Parliamentarium...

The £44million blown on a European 'House of History', that begins in 1945, because the Eurocrats cannot agree on what happened during the second world war (or, as Brussels so risibly likes to call it, the European Civil War)...

The TV propaganda channel for the European Parliament, which has only 830 viewers a day, and is costing £7 million a year to run...

Now, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch, we discover that – far worse - the EU is helping to fund pro-suicide bomber propaganda.

Earlier this month, Israel transferred the bodies of 91 terrorists, including suicide bombers, to the Palestinian Authority. A TV program for youth, called Speak Up, then glorified the 91 terrorists as: ‘More honoured than all of us... They are the greatest role models for us."

The host of the TV show says at one stage: ‘Unfortunately, we couldn't part from them (i.e., the terrorists) or even embrace them, but were satisfied standing before their bodies, standing up before their sanctified message: The homeland won't die, but we will die for it."

The co-host then says: ‘These [Martyrs] are more honoured than all of us... They are the greatest role models for us, not only because they fought and struggled for the homeland, but also because they went beyond the sacrifice [of] strain and effort, to the stage where they actually sacrificed their lives.’

And the co-producers of the show? PYALARA, an non-governmental organisation for youth funded by, amongst others, the EU.

Making modest savings here and there will not teach the EU to respect our money, or to stop wasting it in the most disgraceful way.

It must be cut properly down to size. Now.