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Hamas: "There will be no rule but the rule of Islam" and Haifa, Jaffa, etc., will be part of “Palestine”

"Minister of the Interior [in the Hamas government], Fathi Hamad, said that there is no peace with secularism, and that there will be no rule but the rule of Islam. During the ceremony marking the first graduating class from the police academy in Gaza, Hamad said: 'There is no peace with secularism. Peace is first and foremost with Allah, and thereafter with Jihad, with resistance, with the people, and with the Martyrs (Shahids).' He added, 'We support the home front in Gaza, which is the bridgehead for the liberation of Palestine. We declare that anyone who has settled in our land by force, should plan to leave.' He added, 'The land of Palestine will agree to accept only pure soldiers,' and noted that some of the officers of this graduating class would go on to become police commanders in Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Lod and Ramle."

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