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PA falsifies news report: Presents Palestinian attackers as victims of attack

On June 17, 2012, an Israeli tow truck driver was ambushed and attacked by three Palestinians who had ordered the truck. The Israeli driver, who was carrying a licensed fire-arm, shot and killed two of the attackers and wounded the third. The following PA TV News report distorts what took place by portraying the attackers as victims: 
Newsreader: "Thousands [of people] from the [West Bank] village of Yatta, south of Hebron, and from Idhna, to the west of the city, accompanied the bodies of the two Martyrs (Shahids), Na'im Salameh Muhammad Al-Najjar and Anwar Khalil Abd Rabbo. The funerals in both villages were attended by representatives of the factions and national forces, who eulogized the Martyrs in front of the Martyrs' Cemetery. Abd Rabbo and Al-Najjar were killed as Martyrs when a settler opened fire on them to the west of the village Samo'a, which is south of Hebron."
Mother of one of the attackers: "It was the Jews who killed him. My son was employed. He had his bread with him, and all his things. And they killed him?!"

Note: The PA media news reports on this incident never mentioned that the Israeli driver was ambushed and that the driver feared his attackers intended to kidnap him. Rather, PA media falsely reported that the Israeli driver intentionally tried to murder two Palestinians in cold blood. In addition, PA reports portrayed the Israeli driver as a settler, when in fact he lives in the Israeli city of Ashkelon.