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PA conspiracy theory accuses Israel of initiating recent Hamas missile attacks on Israel

After Hamas fired rockets into Israel, Israel responded by attacking the terrorists, three of whom were killed. The PA daily columnist accuses Israel of initiating this 5 day exchange of fire:
Headline: "The aims of the latest Israeli escalation"
Columnist for the official PA daily, Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
"The Gaza Strip area witnessed a marked Israeli escalation during the past two days… The latest aggression, which led to the deaths of three residents as Martyrs (Shahids) and the injury of many people in the southern regions… was a continuation of the Israeli aggression, and was meant to at achieve the following:
a. The aggression came at the same time as the presidential elections in Egypt, to find out how the presidential candidates would respond – and specifically the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi. Especially because the [Muslim] Brotherhood has devised a plan by which Hamas would heat up [with violence] the Sinai and Gaza, in order to cover up the policy of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which is aimed at bringing the Egyptian arena under Muslim Brotherhood control.
b. The Israelis wanted to provoke the national action factions, and especially their resistance branches, to use the new rockets and weapons that they have obtained in recent months. This so that [Israeli] would discover their range and their destructive effect on the nearby towns and settlements, as well as to discover their storage sites."

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