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Palestinian writer refers to Israel as "the Zionist cancerous growth" in PA TV interview

PA TV program Personal Encounter interviews writer and philosopher Maen Bashour. Program filmed in Beirut.
Bashour: "Lebanon will not have rest so long as the Zionist cancerous growth exists in the body of the nation… It is not at all coincidental that high-level, senior Zionists have begun speaking, in recent years, about a world movement denying the legitimacy of the Zionist entity. One of the sources of power of the Zionist entity was [the fact of] its adoption by the world. Today, it has begun to lose that [support]. One of the elements of its [the Zionist entity’s] power was the distancing of the threat of struggle and resistance from its territory. It sent them (i.e., the struggle and resistance) outside of its borders, causing them to collide with the Arab reality and the Arab regimes. Today, it [the Zionist entity] confronts resistance – whether inside the Zionist entity or within the borders of occupied Palestine. Thus, this entity has begun to lose its foundations [of power]. Therefore I am optimistic that tomorrow I will see the Palestinian refugees as residents in the colonies that the Zionist settlers have built."