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Poll: 85% opposed to joint sports events

     "Results of the Internet survey conducted by the Palestinian sports website showed that 85.5% of participants in the survey were opposed to holding sports encounters which would bring together Palestinian and Israeli teams at the present time… More than 2,200 Internet users participated in the survey… Jamal Zakut, secretary of the Palestinian Soccer Association, welcomed the results of the survey and the Al-Jazeera.Net website, which opposed holding joint sporting activities with Israel… Noting that he had predicted this opposition, in light of the intensification of Israel's attack on the Palestinian nation… Zakut questioned the seriousness of these joint encounters, carried out under such dazzling headlines as "Co-existence," "Peace," and "Love," while their purpose is to bend the Palestinian youth to the will [of those amongst Palestinian society who support normalization]… Zakut explained that the promoters of normalization know… that today, in sports people are succeeding where politics, the media, the economy and even arms have failed, because sport is a means."

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