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Anti-US and Israel song for the Arab nation

"He [Shaaban Abd al-Rahim, a popular Egyptian singer] talks about what is in the heart of all Arab nations and his song "Hey Arab Leaders"... demonstrates the contempt of American President Bush for all the UN decisions . . . Shaaban's last song "I hate Israel," had great success and the song "Hey Arab Leaders" also is having a big impact upon everyone... We asked Shaaban about the idea behind the song and he said: "I found that the Arab nation needs a new song with words that will be a clear statement of refusal and resistance... I made the clip because I feel the words and I'm not afraid of 'Israel' or America or their threats and I'm no better than those who are dying every day in Palestine or Iraq."
Question: We heard that you refused [to participate in] parties in America. Is that true? 
Shaaban Abd al-Rahim: I was asked to many parties in America for the Arab communities, and although it is worth a lot of money I will not go to America and I boycott even American cigarettes... I wrote the song “I hate Israel” in 2000... We did not anticipate the greatness of the success... About the song “Hey Arab Leaders,” it must express things that are happening... in the clip we made Sharon's hands long, holding a cake with the writing ”the Arab World,” and Sharon and Bush are dividing up the cake among those with them."