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PA Minister of Religion: Israel will pass like chaff in the wind

Friday sermon by Minister of Religious Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash. Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is in the audience.
Al-Habbash emphasizes that the believing Muslim should never give up or despair, but should stand resolute in the face of difficulty, because anything else is not complete faith in Allah:

"Al-Aqsa will be Al-Aqsa only, and Palestine will belong only to its people. That's the end of the road. That's what we must be certain of, to believe in… We, Allah be praised, are not heretics and not misled; rather, we follow the path of Muhammad, Allah willing. Until Allah has His word – we will continue in this. We base ourselves on justice, we are resolute upon our land, and adhere to our rights. [Even if] they (i.e., Israel) burn our fields, cut down our trees, burn our mosques, destroy our homes, arrest, kill – we remain here, and they will depart; they will leave. Upon this land there shall remain only that which is useful to people, while the chaff passes with the wind."

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