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PA daily: Palestinian Journalists Association condemns PA for arresting a journalist

“The Palestinian Journalists Association yesterday condemned the arrest of Muhammad Jaradat who was attacked by [PA] security personnel in civilian clothing and taken for interrogation to the Ramallah police station, after covering a march of young people’s groups protesting the [Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul] Mofaz’s visit Saturday afternoon.
In its press release, a copy of which has reached WAFA (the official Palestinian Authority news agency), the Association said: ‘The attack on Jaradat and his arrest constitute a clear departure from the government’s and police force’s commitment to ensure journalistic practice….’
[Attorney] Raed Abd Al-Hamid said that marks of a beating were clearly visible on Jaradat’s face and body. He suffers from injuries to his face, a black eye, a wound to his nose, and wounds on his back, chest, knees, and legs.”