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PA daily columnist: Israel poisoned Arafat

Op-ed by Wael Barghouti:
“Concerning the Martyr (Shahid) death of Yasser Arafat, it is important to discover the substance that they used to poison him, but even more important to discover who brought the substance into the [Ramallah] headquarters and put it in the leader’s personal belongings – but it won’t be at all hard to figure out who it was that supplied the substance, especially since the former head of the Israeli Security Services, Avi Dichter, was quick to deny yesterday that Israel was responsible for the assassination, when he told Israel Army Radio that Israeli ‘security’ had not touched Arafat’s food. As the old saying goes, “a stolen hat burns on the head of the thief (i.e., a thief cannot ignore his guilt, and will deny it.)”