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Song on PA TV calls for violence against Israel until “the land returns” and Israel ‎is driven out

PA TV program Palestine This Morning reports from Tubas and Northern [Jordan] ‎Valley Region Festival held at the Martyr (Shahid) Salah Khalaf Center.‎
Al-Najah National University band sings:‎

‎"Onward, men,‎
Let the fiery bullets sing for the homeland
And for the child, and the old man…‎
‎[Singer addresses man defending the homeland:]
Oh defender of the lands
My trigger is upon your trigger, ‎
So that we can destroy the fence
Promise, oh men, that my fire will not be silenced
Until the land returns
And we drive out the usurper from it."‎

‎"Even if the Jews slaughter us ‎
With American support,‎
We shall continue to raise the rifle
Against Zionism."‎