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Children call for shooting and throwing stones at Israelis as a way to fight against Israel’s "crimes"

Headline: “At environmental summer camp to ‘Save the Agriculture’ – children consider the purchase of Israeli merchandise a ‘disgrace’ and possible health risk”
     “As part of the activities at the environmental summer camp (Our Garden) being held at the coeducational school in Nablus under the supervision of the Palestinian Agricultural Development Association (P.A.R.C.), the children met with Khaled Mansour, coordinator of the national campaign to boycott Israeli goods, to discuss the boycott, which is considered a national and religious duty, and a weapon that allows the Palestinian people to hurt the interests of the Israeli enemy, occupying Palestinian territory. Khaled Mansour told [the children] about the occupation’s crimes – killing, home demolitions, arrests, land confiscation, roadblocks, and settler terror – and discussed with them what they thought every person could do to oppose these crimes. The children’s answers were: resistance to the occupier; attempts to cause it damage. Some of the children said, ‘We will shoot them,’ others: ‘We’ll throw stones at them’; others still: ‘We’ll hold demonstrations’… However, the majority said: ‘We won’t buy their products until they lose…’. The children demonstrated extensive knowledge of the boycott. Some of them (aged no more than 9) said that the money they spend on Israeli potato chips, Israeli cookies and Tapuzina [fruit] juice, goes to the occupation army to buy weapons and bullets that kill Palestinians. Some of the children also said that Israeli products can cause cancer; they are often sub-standard and their expiration dates are forged. Mansour asked the children not to buy any product with Hebrew writing on it, because it is Israeli, and he called upon them to look for Palestinian products when they enter any store or supermarket. They should ask the shop owner about the products and demand that he not sell Israeli products. He also asked them to speak to their mothers, fathers, siblings, neighbors, and community about the need to avoid buying Israeli merchandise. At the end of the meeting he asked the children to sing the national boycott campaign [song]: ‘We want to cause the occupation to lose; we want to cause Israel to lose.’ Engineer Rafat Bani Shamseh, director of the environmental summer camp , who works for P.A.R.C., , declared that the subject of the boycott was introduced into the environmental summer camp programs in order to take part in the national effort, in which P.A.R.C. participates significantly and prominently in order to damage the occupiers’ economy and strengthen the national economy. He added, ‘We are making [this] effort in order to establish the boycott as part of our national culture. We are trying, through various means, to plant it in the children’s minds, so that they will grow up and resist the occupation throughout their land and their products.”