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USAID provides aid to same Gaza city council that names street after Martyr

The following article describes the use of funds by the Gaza City Council to honor terrrorists. The article also cites the transfer of $380,000 of USAID money to the same Gaza City Council, albeit for different projects:
 “The Gaza City Council decided, in a recent meeting, to name a street after the distinguished Shahid (Martyr) Sheik, Ahmad Yassin [leader of the Hamas terror organization that killed hundreds through suicide bombings] as memorial and honor to his sacrifice and struggle. The city spokesman, Nasser Al-Sawir… said that the City Council, since the beginning of its tenure – 10 years ago - has named more than 300 city streets after Palestinian and Arab Martyrs …
The City Council reported that the USAID decided to grant the city $380,000 in the framework of the “Cash Transfer” project… to cover part of the expenses of repairing the damage to the water and sewage systems ...”

Note: PMW published a report in June 2004 demonstrating the deficiencies in US anti-terror laws, allowing the Palestinian Authority to use US money to finance projects that promote terror, glorify terrorists, and sponsor anti- American activities. PMW recommended six changes in US law in the report, five of which passed Congress three weeks later. Click here to view full report

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