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PA Ministry of Prisoners Affairs: Each prisoner to receive a clothing allowance in addition to their salary

Headline: "Karake: 400 shekels paid to prisoners, and canteen allowance to be increased"
"Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, said that the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs had paid every prisoner 400 shekels, in addition to his salary (Arabic: ratib), as clothing expenses. He added yesterday, in a press release, that [his ministry] is working to increase [the prisoners'] canteen allowance (Arabic: mukhassas) for the month of Ramadan, and noted that the financial grant for released prisoners who had served long sentences will be regulated by law and in accordance with available financial resources.
He thanked the President [Abbas] and the Prime Minister [Fayyad] for their constant interest in providing a dignified and worthy life for every male and female prisoner released from the occupation's prisons. Karake noted that the Palestinian Authority is in unfortunate financial straits, and therefore this grant will be regulated according to a table to be approved by the government and fair criteria to be set by the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs. [Karake added that] this would become a regular service, along with the other services provided by the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs."