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PA official: Israel steals Palestinian heritage, including Palestinian dress

"Minister of Culture Siham Barghouti, and District Governor of Jenin, Talal Dweikat,… opened the fourth Al-Zababdeh Festival of Culture, Art and Tourism, with many residents of Al-Zababdeh and the nearby towns and villages attending… Dweikat stressed the importance of this cultural activity, and said that holding festivals in the [outlying] districts, villages and towns is Palestinian proof of our people's adherence to its national heritage. He also said that while Israel has occupied Palestine and parts of Arab countries, it has not succeeded in achieving its goals, and has therefore attempted, throughout the years of the occupation, to steal the components of Palestinian heritage. Recently it [Israel] announced that Mount Gerizim (Samaritan/Jewish holy site near Nablus) is part of the Israeli heritage, and it attempts unceasingly to steal the [traditional] Palestinian dress."

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