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PA daily op-ed: Israel “uprooted” inhabitants from land and is a “blood-cratic,” not a democratic state

PA daily op-ed by Wael Barghouti:
"Since its establishment in 1948, Israel has succeeded in presenting itself as an oasis of democracy that sprouted in a vast wilderness of tyranny. The West swallowed this lie and defended it, thinking it [Israel] an extension of [its own] democracy.
Strangely, the West ignored the fact that this hybrid plant grew in soil whose inhabitants had been uprooted from it by the force of arms – [weapons] that the democratic West helped to supply, in order to build this new 'democracy' on the ruins of a society that had lived on its land for thousands of years…
The Iraqi Jewish writer and former Communist, Sami Michael, has sharply criticized the racist tendencies and the ethnic rift in Israel…
He said that 'Israel is in danger if the country's leadership fails to understand that Israel is located in the Middle East, and not at the end of the earth,' and added that 'Israel is the most racist country in the free world.’ Thus he awarded Israel certification as the most racist country, meaning, [Israel] is a “blood-cratic”; (‘dam–cratic’ dam=blood in Arabic) not a demo-cratic state.”

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