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Gaza human rights group denies allegations that 5 Christians were kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam

"A senior official in the area of human rights (from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights based in Gaza) announced yesterday that his organization has met with five Christians that the Orthodox Church in the Gaza Strip has accused of being kidnapped by an Islamic organization. He stressed that 'they are not kidnapped' and that they converted to Islam 'of free will'... Father of the youth Ramad Al-Amash told France Press: 'They want to force my son to convert to Islam. I want my son either as a Christian or as a Muslim because in any case, he's my son.' He added: 'All our lives, we were Christians and we will remain Christians. We won't leave here because this is our country. I demand of the Hamas government to bring me my son.'...
The young boy Ramad said on Tuesday in a statement to the press: 'I have declared my conversion to Islam out of free will and without any coercion. I converted five months ago, but I announced my conversion to Islam this past Saturday.' He turned to his family to calm them: 'I am not kidnapped. Don't worry about me. I will come home soon and I will be with you'"
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