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Broadcasts on PA TV about Palestinian suicide attacks "increased honor for Palestinians"

Headline: "At a Conference held by the Al-Sham Center for Studies and Researches in Gaza: Demand for Strategy to Intensify Media Role for the Palestinian Cause"
“Politicians and media personalities emphasized the importance of formulating a clear national strategy to strengthen the role of the media in the Palestinian cause and resistance… This was during a conference on 'Palestinian Resistance Discourse in the Media and the Palestinian Cause' organized by the Al-Sham Center for Studies and Researches. Head of the House of Wisdom for Conflict Resolution & Governance, Dr. Ahmed Yousef… noted that following the [Fatah-Hamas] split, local channels began to drift away from their role… He stated that following the split, the official TV channels began to lose credibility, especially regarding the Arab revolutions. He noted that prior to the split, PA TV and the Al-Aqsa satellite channel had a prominent role, focusing on the struggle and the resistance, and that especially with the beginning of Martyrdom-seeking operations (i.e., suicide terror attacks) in 1994, Palestinian communities would follow and take pride in all that was broadcast. [Yousef said that] this had restored and increased honor for Palestinians, and that the Arab and Islamic nation had felt the same way, viewing Palestinians as blessed, since they are from the land of heroism."