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Hamas leader Haniyeh meets with Egyptian President Morsi and says: “The Arab Spring will introduce the era of the Caliphate”

Headline: "Haniyeh: The Arab Spring will introduce the era of the Caliphate"
"Head of the Hamas government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, said yesterday that the meeting held two days ago between the President of Egypt and the head of the Hamas Political Bureau was a product of the Arab Spring that 'will introduce the era of the Caliphate'.
During the Friday sermon in northern Gaza, Haniyeh said: 'Yesterday… the leaders of the Palestinian resistance met with Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi.' He added, 'The former owner of the palace [Mubarak] was involved in the siege on Gaza, and perhaps in the war against it. For years he opposed meeting with members of the resistance, and always refused to acknowledge the will of the Palestinian people. However, yesterday… President Mohamed Morsi received the Hamas leaders, thanks to the perseverance and resolve of the people of Gaza and as an expression of the will of the revolution.'
He stressed: 'The Arab Spring continues until all the pillars of oppression and tyranny will fall, and until the [Muslim] nation regains control and settles all the issues, first and foremost the liberation of all Palestine, Jerusalem, and the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]."