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PA incitement to hatred documented by PMW precludes the possibility for peace

Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman  |
Palestinian Authority's Jew-hatred a deal killer
for peaceful two-state solution

by Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman

While treaties may be negotiated in the rarified airs of international institutions, true peace is made between real people. Israelis, who tune into PATV, are getting a totally different picture of where the Palestinian Authority is taking its people. They are watching in horror as young Palestinians are fed a non-stop diet of pre-genocidal hatred of their Jewish neighbors.

The latest evidence [of PA Jew hatred] comes from this July 13, 2012, presentation on PA TV (translated by the respected Palestinian Media Watch) that features artist Abd Al-Hai Msallam and his pictorial take­proudly intended for all ages­on an unspecified “Gaza massacre.” The lurid painting depicts a reptilian–headed Israeli soldier devouring a Palestinian boy while he impales a Palestinian girl on his bayonet. This monster wears a skullcap with a Star of David, as do two baby monsters shown eating a pile of dead Palestinian children.

With Secretary of State Clinton and other senior American officials making their umpteenth pilgrimage to the Middle East to resuscitate the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, it would be comforting if such graphic anti-Jewish, anti-Israel obscenities were an aberration. Unfortunately, the painful truth is quite the opposite.

Since 2000, Palestinian cartoonists have made a cottage industry of dehumanizing portrayals of Israelis and Jews as dragons, vultures, spiders, rabid dogs, rats, and especially “apes and pigs.” The popularity of the “descendants of apes and pigs” image for Jews may perplex the non-Muslim world, but its religious rationale is known even by toddlers in the Middle East...

Tragically, the leading Palestinian institutions, whether Fatah­with its vision of secular nationalist state or Hamas­the spawn of Muslim Brotherhood religious fanaticism­are both profoundly infected by the cancer of Jew-hatred that also includes Holocaust revisionism and the denial of the Jewish people’s historic 3,500-year connection to the Holy Land.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Dr. Harold Brackman is a historian who is a consultant to the Wiesenthal Center.