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PA Minister: PA to unilaterally seek "non-member statehood" at the UN after US elections

"Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Malki said... in the coming period they will strive to secure votes from 180 of the 193 member states of the UN General Assembly.
He said: 'The PA is not afraid of the American threat of sanctions that could lead to the end of political contacts, economic aid, and closing the PLO office in Washington.' He added: 'In spite of this [American position], the decision is that the Palestinian leadership will go to the General Assembly, no matter what price we may have to pay.' In addition he said, 'We'll discuss the appropriate timing, so as to limit the damage to be done by this step.'
In answer to a question if the move at the General Assembly will come after the US elections, Al-Malki noted: '[Even] if we go after the elections in the US, there will still be damage.'
Al-Malki said: 'If Palestine receives status of a non-member state in the General Assembly, there will be positive effects on all levels in the future. Palestine's level of representation at the General Assembly will be raised . . . . Similarly, Palestine will be able to sign all international protocols and agreements, thus making it possible for us as a state and as individuals to submit claims against Israel for their crimes against the Palestinians.' He added: 'If Palestine joins the General Assembly, Israel will no longer be able to define the occupied territories as disputed lands. They will become lands of a separate, occupied state, and it will be international law that will determine and pronounce judgment in the matter.'"
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