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Israel encourages drug addiction among Palestinian youth in order to "impede the resistance"

PA TV program Palestine This Morning on the conclusion of the 4th Summer Nights in Jerusalem festival.
"Hussam Al-Sheikh, director of the Cultural Forum Center’s fourth ‘Summer Nights in Jerusalem’ festival addressed five subjects related to the Israeli assault on all sectors of our people in Jerusalem. On Sunday, the topic was the Judaization of Jerusalem. The governor of Jerusalem, Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, explained to the public what is happening in Jerusalem: Judaization, changes in the Jerusalem landmarks, change in street [names], and an assault on all the sites within Jerusalem. The second day was about the Palestinian child and how there have been extensive arrests of children from Silwan and Jerusalem … There was a topic related to education, and the Jerusalem municipality’s attack on instruction in Jerusalem schools and a change in the curriculum in Jerusalem. There was a topic related to drugs, to the way this phenomenon is spreading in Jerusalem, and its objective – [to be attained] through the Israeli offensive and the Israeli plan to drown Jerusalem in drugs in order to neutralize the youth (i.e., as part of the Israeli efforts) to impede the resistance."