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Parody on PA TV mocks the PA for blaming all its problems on Israel

Amanda: "Where have you been, José? I waited a long time for you, and you didn't come."
José: "I was on my way to Ramallah, Amanda. The roads were packed and the [Israeli] roadblock was shut and crowded. Very crowded. I tried to convince the soldiers that you were waiting for me, but it didn't help."
Amanda: "José! You're always apologizing. While you were having a good time with her, you left me waiting a long time for you."
José: "You must know that I've never ever cheated on you. It's the [Israeli] occupation! The occupation killed our beautiful moments together, and kept me from getting to you. Damn!"
Amanda: "José! You always go back to the same old excuse: The [Israeli] occupation! The occupation! The occupation! Was it the occupation that made you spend all that time with her?"
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