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PA TV glorifies terrorist murderer Muayyad Hijja twice in one month

Muayyad Hijja was given two life sentences for murdering an Israeli civilian in 1992. He and three other terrorists swam from Jordan to Israel's southern resort city, Eilat, with the intention of carrying out a major terror attack against tourists. Muayyad Hijja was honored twice in PA TV in one month: Aug. 19, 2012: PA TV host: "I'm sending holiday greetings to my uncle, my brother, my beloved Muayyad Hijja, who is in the Gilboa jail. Allah willing, I hope that you will be freed soon along with all the heroic prisoners, who we are always proud of." July 31, 2012: PA TV host: "Muayyad Hijja is in prison. He is a heroic fighter prisoner and has been in the occupation's prisons since 1992. He is one of the homeland's beacons because of his valor and sacrifice, of course." Text on screen: "Freedom for the fighter heroic prisoner, Muayyad Hijja. Given 2 life sentences... The commander who carried out the Eilat operation." Niece: "I am Maram, niece of the heroic fighter prisoner Muayyad Hijja. Uncle, it is true that I wasn't even born when you entered prison and I don't know you, but the picture in my mind is that you are a hero, a fighter, smart, wonderful. I am proud to have an uncle like you. Sister: "Muayyad is the hero. Muayyad is all honor, all power, all vigor. Muayyad is an example of sacrifice, an example of honor, and an example of struggle for the homeland." Nephew: "I picture my uncle as a hero, a resistance fighter. We are proud of him. He has always made us proud."

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