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Abbas' office: Israel commits “crimes against our defenseless people”

Headline: "One Martyr (Shahid) and two injured by occupation fire at a roadblock in ‎East Jerusalem; the Office of the President and the government condemn the crime"‎
‎     "Yesterday, before dawn, Akram Badi' (46), a resident of the village Beitillu died as a ‎Martyr from an explosive bullet fired by occupation soldiers… while he and some other ‎workers were trying to reach their place of work inside the Green Line (i.e., in Israel); ‎this [happened] at the Al-Za'im roadblock in occupied Jerusalem… The office of the ‎President condemned the despicable crime carried out by the occupation army. The ‎Office of the President said that this shameful crime, committed intentionally and in ‎cold blood, proves that the occupation's crimes against our defenseless people ‎continue, whether [carried out] by the occupation forces or by its settlers. It emphasized ‎that the Israeli government scorns all international and humane conventions and ‎laws, and that the time has come for the international community to put an end to this ‎contempt for the lives of innocent Palestinian citizens, and that the international ‎institutions should intervene in order to investigate the Israeli actions. ‎
Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, on his part, held the Israeli government responsible for ‎killing Bader and injuring the two other workers, all of whom were on their way to work. ‎He cast doubt on the Israeli statement that justified shooting at them by the occupation ‎forces. Fayyad said: 'Fundamentally, the continued occupation of our land and the ‎existence of such roadblocks are the root of the problem, because of which victims ‎continue to die – whether at the hand of the occupation army or at the hands of the ‎settlers.'"‎

Note: According to the Israeli border police, the vehicle tried to run through the ‎checkpoint, ignoring multiple warnings to stop. According to one of the passengers, 13 ‎Palestinian workers in the vehicle were trying to enter Israel without work permits. The ‎driver hesitated before reaching the checkpoint, attempted to turn around, at which ‎point Israeli police fired on the vehicle without warning.‎

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