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PA Minister visits family of “Martyr” and sings song promoting violence

PA TV program In a Fighter's Home interviews Salah Abu Laban, brother of Martyr ‎‎(Shahid) Muhammad Abu Laban, a poet, who was imprisoned in 1970 following a ‎military operation against Israelis.‎
Abu Laban: "Our forefathers told us that there are three keys to Paradise, and they are ‎the keys of Palestine. The first key is the armed struggle; the second key is knowledge; ‎and the third key is the memory that does not end among us. And they gave us the ‎copper key, the symbol of the return."‎

A song called "The Negev" written by Muhammad Abu Laban and performed by the ‎Askalan band. Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, is with the family of the Martyr ‎Abu Laban and sings the song together with them:
‎"Oh Negev, be the will, be the glory,‎
Be a sword, be one of the lessons of the Intifada."‎

Another song by the Askalan band, performed in Karake's presence:‎
‎"I believed in the lost people, their hands bound,‎
And I carried my machine gun, so that the [coming] generations would carry it after us."‎