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PA daily reports on Israeli-Palestinian football tournament in a positive light

The official PA daily reports on a friendly football (soccer) tournament promoting peace that was held in Los Angeles for Palestinian and Israeli children:
 "While the experienced Portuguese coach, José Mourinho, was leading the practices of his team, the Spanish Real Madrid, on the fields of UCLA in the US... he decided to take a break in order to be photographed, for a memento, with a group of (Palestinian and Israeli) children, sponsored by a charity project that seeks harmony between the two peoples. Mourinho is a prominent member of the project, called Children United, and personally funds an initiative that holds a small football tournament between Palestinian and Israeli children, in the hope of spreading the seeds of peace in the Arab region. A journalist for the Portuguese SIC channel in the Middle East, Henrique Cymerman, revealed that 'Mourinho already visited Palestine and Israel in 2005, and hopes to visit again as soon as he can, because he is very interested in this peace project.' Cymerman noted in a statement to (Spanish newspaper) Marca: 'The project sponsors children who have never before seen a Palestinian or an Israeli without a weapon. It aims to create a warm atmosphere in order to draw the nations together, and supports peace between them.' He emphasized, 'Mourinho's influence may be much stronger than the influence of the governments, and football is capable of achieving what political agreements and treaties have been unable to achieve...'.
The children were very happy to be photographed with Mourinho, alongside some of the Real stars - Ronaldo, Pepe, and Coentrão. The children will also be participating in a short, 15-minute game during half-time in the friendly game between Real Madrid and Los Angeles Galaxy."
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