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PA Minister announces plan to return to UN to achieve "non-member state" status, as first step to gaining full-member status

"Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Malki announced yesterday that on November 27 Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will file an application [for Palestine] to be accepted as a non-member state in the UN General Assembly. Al-Malki told journalists at his office that 'Palestine will approach the UN immediately...We will then begin to contact all members of the General Assembly and discuss an appropriate date'...
He said that as soon as this has been accomplished, the Palestinians will continue their efforts to attain full member status at the UN. That, however, will require approval of the Security Council and of Washington...
Observers believe that filing the application without setting a date for a vote will save the Palestinians from a confrontation with the United States, so discussions on the wording of the suggested resolution will continue until after the upcoming US elections on November 4."
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