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PA daily op-ed: A "cultural revolution" is needed to put a stop to honor killings

Headline: "Violence against women - a legitimate crime!"
"Our [Arab and Muslim] societies consider the crime of violence against women, honor killings, and avenging the killing [of relatives], as legitimate, understandable and [part of] a unique heritage. There are some who even praise and glorify this as a manly, heroic act, turning it into an aspect of [our] culture that molds the character of Arab and Islamic societies.
If we wish to free our society from this crime's octopus grasp, we must first admit that without a cultural revolution that will cleanse our perceptions, our books, and our heritage from sanctifying murder performed in the name of Allah and honor... we will not be able to take a single step towards lessening this crime, even if the books of [new] laws reach the roof of Parliament and the civil courts (i.e., no matter how many civil laws are passed against it.)"
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