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PA daily: Israel was involved in "Jihadist" attack against Muslim soldiers in Egypt

"In Al-Masoura [Egyptian village near Rafah] a group of so-called 'Jihadists' attacked fasting Muslim soldiers who were perhaps doing their military service without [the option of] choosing where to serve. Under the slogan of 'Jihad' they attack, while the brain behind it connected to Satan. It would be naïve to think that the Zionist occupiers are not involved in these organizations – if not the creators of some of them. There are many benefits to the occupiers, including information gathering and exchange; issuing orders for actions aimed at reshuffling the deck; an attempt to participate in molding the future of the Sinai; and causing people [to feel] aversion to the concept of 'Jihad' in its general sense and in its specific senses. The criminal act perpetrated by a suspicious group was carried out only by spies. It is with this assumption that a phenomenon of this type should be addressed. We have experience, and many times we have seen bearded men who have been used by the occupation for dirty acts and to impede the noble national struggle."

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