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PA daily op-ed condemns "tribal mentality" that seeks to justify the killing of women

Headline: "All excuses are rejected out of hand"
"The frequency with which crimes against women are committed is rising constantly, and every day more than one crime is committed against more than one woman...
The latest two incidents, in which a girl in Tulkarem and a woman in Bethlehem were murdered, led to the writing of this column, in which I shall criticize out loud the social culture that still seeks justifications for the murder of women. The rumors and justifications for murder after the killing of these two [victims] led a woman journalist to write an article demanding that we respect the reason for killing the girl [in Tulkarem]...
As for the woman from Bethlehem who was murdered in front of people in the street without anyone trying to save her, people have already become experts at spreading rumors to convince us that her husband was right, and that there undoubtedly must be a reason that made the killing necessary...
There is no justification for murder... and there is no country or country-in-the-making that still bases itself on the tribal mentality. The law and the right to life must be respected, and the criminals must be punished. All excuses are rejected out of hand; we refuse to agree to murder... We reject measures that protect the murderers, and the justifications that claim that this keeps the unity and cohesiveness of society, since our cohesiveness and unity will be strengthened only through justice."
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