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PA TV: Buying Israeli products gives Israel more money to buy weapons

Two girls are sitting in a car, and one says to the other:‎
Girl 1: “My dear, you don’t understand anything and you don’t know anything. You ‎don’t know that the country needs every shekel to stay in [the country] and it’s just ‎because you got a pass [to enter Israel] that you want to buy [in Israeli stores].”‎
Girl 2: “First of all, this is the first time that I’ve gotten a pass. Secondly, I want to buy a ‎blouse that not all the other girls have, or buy a special purse.”‎
Girl 1: “That’s no excuse, my love, no excuse at all. Every shekel you pay [to the ‎Israelis] goes to the army, and the army uses it to buy weapons that are used against ‎us. You see, you see how your [national] awareness is fake. That’s how it is. One ‎shekel and another shekel; it all adds up.”‎
Girl 2: “For God’s sake, don’t make me mad. Now I’m a supporter of the occupation just ‎because I want to buy a shirt from them?”‎
Girl 1: “It’s a matter of principle, of principle. Somebody who buys once will buy [there] ‎every time.”‎
Girl 2: “Great! Soon you’ll make me into a spy. I’ll tell you something, I don’t even feel ‎like going to Jerusalem anymore. Here’s the pass. See it? See it? [She tears it up.] No ‎Jerusalem; no worries. Have you calmed down now?”‎
Girl 1: “I’ve calmed down! I can be sure that you won’t be weak and go buy from them. ‎Let’s go to the supermarket and get some things, and return home quickly.”‎
‎[They go in to the supermarket. Girl 1 takes products made in Israel, and puts them in ‎her shopping cart.]‎
Girl 2: “You’re charging that? ‘One shekel and another shekel; it all adds up?’”‎
Girl 1: “This isn’t the same thing. This is all there is. Isn’t it [bad] enough that we can’t ‎go there?”‎