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PA daily reports on human rights organization that condemns Palestinian honor killings

Headline: "Call to legislate a law to protect families from violence and to establish a fund to aid victims of violence"
"The General Commissioner of the Independent Association for Human Rights, the 'Bureau of Injustices', Dr. Ahmed Harb, said: 'We, of the Association, condemn and denounce these crimes committed last month (i.e., four incidents of murders of women during July 2012) in the harshest terms, and demand vengeance and justice for the victims, since our society must not reconcile itself to any justification for the murder of women…' Harb added: 'What happened last month shows the failure of the legal system, and of the private and official institutions, and their inability to protect the right to life for women who are victims of violence.'
The Association's legal investigator, Khadija Hussein, presented a work paper in which she discusses a number of topics pertaining to the crimes of murder of women, and stated that from 2005 until today, more than 50 women have been murdered in so-called 'honor' [killings]."