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PA PM Fayyad calls for laws protecting women from honor killings

Headline: "Fayyad: Murders of women require deterrent punishments and a reassessment of the relevant laws"
"Prime Minister Salam Fayyad emphasized that recurring incidents of violence in Palestinian society, and especially the phenomenon of murder of women for various reasons, represents a danger to society that harms the social fabric. It obliges everyone to consider it seriously so as to learn lessons, and it calls on everyone to assume full responsibility to combat and uproot it. …Fayyad said that relevant laws, and the laws that aim to ensure full equal rights between women and men, should be reassessed, and that the law should provide social and economic protection for women… Fayyad emphasized that it is important to proceed towards the immediate implementation of the constitutional amendment to disallow “extenuating circumstances” as an argument for lenient sentences in cases where women are victims of so-called ‘honor killings’. He also said that the penal code should be completed speedily, because this new law awards equal rights to women."

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