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Op-ed speaks out against honor killings and forced marriages

"In less than two weeks, there were two reports of women murdered for reasons that seem to be connected to honor. The last case, a woman from the Hebron district, was murdered by her father and brother after her husband expelled her from their shared home. This is the twelfth case since the beginning of 2012 of what has been called "honor crimes."
The father of the girl is now guilty of his daughter's murder, but in the indictment against the murderer, the father, it is not mentioned that this is not the first time that he murdered her. He already murdered the victim, his daughter and flesh and blood, a number of years earlier when he married her off to a man who was 50 years older than her. In other words, he married her to someone the age of her grandfather...
Unfortunately, the murderer didn't act alone and found partners to his crime: his son, the brother of the murder victim, and the corrupt doctor who agreed to write a death certificate. This shows that there is public support for violence against women and that the perpetrators of this crime are ready to prepare excuses and even cover it up forever, so that the criminals do not receive a proper punishment."
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