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Inequality of women highlighted in satire on PA TV

Husband: "Afaf, I don't get it. How long can the house stay like this? What are you thinking? That I'll hire a house cleaner? Wife: "If only, Hussein, if only! You don't understand how much you could help me." Husband: "Did you really believe it? I said that just so you - just maybe - would feel, would see how necessary it is to straighten up and clean the house. Look how much laundry is piling up everywhere. Move! Move! You're also late with dinner every day! What's with you?" Wife: "What do you want me to do? We come home from work at the same time. You site down, rest, relax, watch TV, and I'm doing the housework. When do you want me to finish it?" Husband: "This isn't my problem. That has nothing to do with me. Isn't that "equality?" Wife: "Sure I want equality, but not to do work plus more work. I mean - not just the accounts, the children and expenses. No, [equality] with everything! What would happen if you helped me with the housework, hand in hand?" Husband: "Great! That's all I need, [working] hand in hand. I should wash, sweep, and dust! Listen. Get up. Straighten up the house, wash, cook, and I'm going inside to rest. When you finish cooking, come and wake me."

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