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PA daily article denounces honor killings and warns that many cases are misclassified as suicides

Headline: "The long wait for legislation"
"Since the beginning of the year [2012], more than eleven women have fallen victim to murder in the Palestinian [West] Bank and in Gaza, but the victims who were murdered during the month of Ramadan are the ones who aroused the anger of the feminist movements and of society in general – the victim from Tulkarem, who was 'convicted' following her demand to complete higher studies, and whose right to appeal was denied the moment her throat was slit, as her family coldly yawned; the victim from Beit Jala, whose slaughtered body was left abandoned and whose blood drained while onlookers were busy observing and documenting the scenes of horror; a woman from Samo'a in Hebron, who was beaten to death because she dared to defend herself; and a girl from the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza, who was strangled in the name of [family] 'honor', after she rejected the suitor proposed to her by her family. [All these] incidents in addition to many suspicious murder cases filed under worrisome categories like “suicide,” “drug overdose” and “she fell into the well.”