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A Muslim wife "should obey her husband" and "has no right to deny him his right [to sex]" - PA Mufti

Palestinian Authority Mufti Muhammad Hussein answers questions about Ramadan on PA TV: Aug. 12, 2012: PA TV host reads out question: "A man doesn't fast and doesn't pray, but according to Shari'ah law - if he wants to have sex after the prayer [time] and [his wife] refuses, perhaps for the reason: 'You don't pray and don't fast.'" Mufti: "That is not a reason..." Host: "Does she have the right [to refuse] according to Shari'ah?" Mufti: "No. It's his right [to have sex]. Nonetheless, we say to him: You must obey Allah Almighty. Just as you want to satisfy your needs, which are in fact animalistic and impulsive, you must also observe Allah's duties and commandments, which are more important. Nonetheless, it is his right. This woman may not and has no rights to deny him this right, especially during the permissible time, which is nighttime." Aug. 12, 2012: Host reads out question: "What is the rule about women who go shopping [at night during Ramadan] until 3:00 AM?" Mufti: "In general, a woman must [only] leave home at the discretion of her husband. If she left home at his discretion and with his approval, there is nothing preventing it." Aug. 2, 2012: Host reads out question: "What should a man do with his wife if she doesn't prepare the pre-dawn meal for him?" Mufti: "In general, the woman should obey her husband and please him. Host: "The pre-dawn meal is Islamic tradition." Mufti: "They perform it together." ... "The woman must help her husband and family by preparing the pre-dawn meal, so the whole family is involved. She will be rewarded for observing the tradition and also be rewarded for obeying her husband."

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