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Answer to Ramadan quiz is terrorist Ayyash

Clue: "The Shahid (Martyr) was born in the village of Rafat in the Nablus region. He received his primary schooling there, and after completing high school he commenced studies at Bir Zeit university, in the department of chemistry. He received a bachelors' degree in chemistry and was innovative and outstanding in this area. Thereafter he joined the ranks of the military wing of the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas. He supervised the launch of a number of operations which shocked the Israeli entity, in Tel Aviv, Dizengoff, and Mahaneh Yehuda [central Jerusalem outdoor market]. This Shahid (Martyr) was wanted by the Zionist occupation authorities, and was known as the Number 1 Engineer. With the creation of the Palestinian National Authority he found safe and stable refuge in Gaza. The occupation authorities offered a million dollars to anyone who would kill this heroic Shahid. They achieved this by exploding a cellular phone that was transferred to him by his friend in Gaza, in 1996."
Answer: “Yahya Ayyash.”

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