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PA TV host defines Haifa, Acre, and Jaffa as "Palestine"

PA TV program In a Fighter’s Home discusses Yasser Arafat and the Fatah movement’s connection to the village of Beit Fourik. The program interviews Abdallah Mustafa (Abu Hayt), one of the people in Beit Fourik who was close to Arafat. He talks about his activity in Fatah in the '60's.
Host: "The Israelis – or, moreover, the occupation, the Zionists – are pushing us to finally give in to them, that Haifa does not belong to me, I give it up. Haifa does not belong to us, Acre does not belong to us, Acre doesn’t belong to us, Jaffa does not belong to us. Like they demand that all of Palestine does not belong to us. This ancient olive tree also does not belong to us; We will give it up for Israel. You lived through the revolutions; how do you see Palestine right now?"
Mustafa: "Israel is an octopus; it is not satisfied with a little, or with a lot. Israel wakes up one fine day with a certain plan [to seize Palestinian territories]; the next day it wakes up [with a plan] for different areas. We pay no attention to it."

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