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Prisoner who was involved in lethal suicide bombings congratulated on PA TV on the birth of his son

PA TV program For You

Host: "Firstly, of course, this letter - I'm very happy – from my brother, Ammar Al-Ziben. It reached me today, through a lawyer, Mr. Muhammad Abdin.
First of all, I want to thank Mr. Muhammad Abdin. I want to wish you again, my brother Ammar, hearty congratulations and a happy holiday, certainly on the birth of [your son,] Muhannad. Certainly, all the prisoners send hearty congratulations, from all the prisons, on the occasion of the birth of your son, Muhannad.
Also many people from the homeland and from outside have called in, and congratulate you on the birth of Muhannad."
[Al-Ziben writes:] "I ask of Allah that Muhannad will be a cause for unity in our people and [help bring] a chance [for national unity in] the West Bank,in Gaza, outside, and on our land occupied in '48."

Note: Ammar Al-Ziben – Hamas member serving 32 life sentences in prison for involvement in suicide bombings, including the double suicide bombing at the Mahane Yehuda outdoor market in Jerusalem on July 30, 1997, which killed 16 people