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Increased Israeli entry permits for Palestinians was planned by Israel to hurt the Palestinian economy

Headline: "Israeli merchants exploited the situation - Jaffa and Tel Aviv beaches were packed with bathers from the West Bank, while the recreational sites and parks in the West Bank longed for the good old days"
"Owners of [Palestinian] recreational sites and public parks did not anticipate the unprecedented losses during the Eid El-Fitr holiday caused by the departure of thousands of people to vacation and enjoy themselves in [Israeli] cities across the Green Line (i.e., 1949-1967 armistice line). This made them wonder about the Israeli authorities' motives for granting [Palestinian] citizens more than 180,000 permits to visit inside the Green Line. They said they believed that Israel had thereby achieved two main goals: First, it profited economically, and [second] it enhanced its image in the press and internationally, as a state enjoying security and tranquility and easing [restrictions] on the [Palestinian] residents... Samir Ibrahim (24), from El-Bireh, noted that [Israeli] shop-owners had exploited the presence of West Bank residents at this [Jaffa] beach, and raised their prices."
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